Theremin Touch App – Itunes

Theremin Touch is a theremin style, single oscillator, monophonic synthesizer.

With simple and intuitive real world controls, onboard delay and reverb effects and
multiple oscillator wave shapes from sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waves.

All wrapped in a beautiful vintage look.

Theremin Touch is a vintage theremin simulator.

This single oscillator, monophonic synthesizer with real world style control features

– on-board delay and reverb effects

– 4 different oscillator wave shapes

– adjustable frequency range for a more stable and playable instrument

– 1 to 7 octave range (approx.). 32.703Hz (C1) to 4.186KHz (C8)

– touch pad or motion control for a more theremin like playing experience

– tuner

– customisable UI

– built with AudioKit

With its beautiful vintage audio look, “Theremin Touch” provides the closest experience to playing a theremin on iOS.